Short Papers Panel: Building Special Collections and Archives

Jun 22 2016
1:45 pm - 3:15 pm

Short Papers Panel: Building Special Collections and Archives

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Moderator: Audra Eagle Yun, University of California, Irvine

What Became of the Archives of Negro History?: Investigating Efforts to Establish a New Orleans Community Archives
In 1968, African American community leaders in New Orleans founded The Archives of Negro History, whose mission was to collect materials relating to Black history, conduct oral histories, encourage preservation of family papers and organizational records, and “the stimulation of interest in Negro history.” To ensure the preservation and use of its collected materials, the Archives of Negro History sought to deposit its collection at a New Orleans university library. However, with such a promising start, a fundamental question remains: what became of the Archives of Negro History and its collection? This paper will examine the foundation and development of the Archives as an example of community archiving, efforts to find an institutional home within a local repository, and the ultimate fate of the collection.
Speaker: Christopher Harter, Amistad Research Center, Tulane University

Grasshoppers in the Reading Room: Building Special Collections at NYU Abu Dhabi
In the fall of 2014, New York University opened its permanent location in Abu Dhabi, part of its vision of the University as a global entity. The NYUAD Library, a centerpiece of the campus design, boasted plans for a new archives and special collections repository. Developing the NYUAD Archives and Special Collections presented a number of challenges and opportunities, pertaining both to the library’s location on the Arabian Peninsula and to its status as a brand new repository working closely with collaborators at NYU’s main campus in New York. Touching upon issues of facilities management, collections processing, collection development and outreach, this short paper seeks to examine the first two years of the project, highlighting problems, solutions, opportunities, regrets and lessons learned.
Speaker: Nicholas Martin, Archives and Special Collections, New York University Abu Dhabi

From Technology to the Literary: Special Collections at the University of Trinidad and Tobago
The University of Trinidad and Tobago (2004) evolved from the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Technology an institution charged with the responsibility of providing trained personnel for the local energy sector. With this change came the decision to expose the University Community to disciplines in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. This paper discusses the development of the Special Collections as a response to this shift in forces. Reference is made to the diverse nature of the collections and the administrative issues and challenges encountered along the way. It discusses the decisions regarding digitization, choice of software and Metadata scheme and outlines plans for the future as the collection are expanded.
Speaker: Janice Blake, Technical Services Department, University of Trinidad and Tobago